Ryan Banks Academy is an independent and coeducational college-preparatory, residential, tuition-free middle and high school that will prepare motivated students from Chicago neighborhoods to graduate from college, enter into meaningful careers, and be the catalyst to bring positive change into their communities.
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A Complete Education

A Complete Education

Academic Curriculum

Ryan Banks Academy students will expand their horizons through a student-driven, peer-assisted learning curriculum model.  Ryan Banks Academy will have a rigorous academic program that will focus on preparing all of our students for college or for a vocation that will enable them to attain the same level of financial freedom that a college education would provide.  We recognize that as a residential school, we will benefit from a 24/7 accountability advantage, embedded in which we will have an expectation for dramatic academic gains and personal growth.  Our goals for high school graduation rates, college graduation rates, student retention rates, successful internship placement rates, and proficiency rates are mission-driven and benchmarked with the schools with whom we share certain practices


Residential Curriculum

Ryan Banks Academy plans to differentiate itself from competitor schools because we are the first boarding school to provide services to underserved children in Chicago.   Boarding schools have historically been a privilege and luxury that are reserved for the wealthy, and we believe that a successful boarding school education should also be easily accessible for disadvantaged youth.

Ryan Banks Academy will accelerate and reinforce student learning outside of traditional school hours, ensuring that students graduate from high school with both the academic and life skills to excel in college and in their professional career.  Through receiving a breadth of holistic services, students will also be equipped with the social and emotional skills that will allow them to pursue meaningful relationships and to positively contribute back to society.  Students will be surrounded by supportive and positive adult role models and mentors that will help them to develop the habits necessary to succeed academically, socially, and professionally.

Media Kit
Please feel free to download the Ryan Banks Academy media kit to learn more about us, and feel free to share with anyone who may be interested in our mission!