In September 2018, Ryan Banks Academy opened its doors with our first class of students.  A middle school and high school, we prepare motivated students from Chicago neighborhoods to graduate from college, enter into meaningful careers, and be the catalyst to bring positive change into their communities. Join us as we transform urban education!

Our Mission

Ryan Banks Academy exists to cultivate the talents and potential of at-risk students in Chicago through an immersive and innovative educational experience.

Our Values

Personalized Learning

We meet students where they are… Our educator to student ratio is current 1:5 and will be no higher than 1:15.

Substantial State Test Growth

Our first class of 7th grade students saw significant improvement in their test scores.

Extracurricular Courses

Students determine the classes and programs that we offer. This year they selected coding, dance, visual art, and cooking.

Exceptional Education As An Investment

Chicago Public Schools expenditures average less than $10,000 per student compared to an RBA education which costs over $30,000 per student.

Cutting Edge Technology

Each RBA student will have their own Chromebook and access to 3D printing technology.

100% College Acceptance

We are preparing ALL students for college!

Thank you to our corporate and foundation partners for being a part of the Ryan Banks Academy!

Upcoming Events

Field Trip: University of Chicago – Women in Hip Hop
Feb 27 all-day

To celebrate Black History Month, students will attend The University of Chicago Women in Hip Hop event. Hip-hop has been a vibrant part of American culture for more than 40 years.  We are excited to celebrate the power of several dynamic Chicago-based leaders in hip hop and education.  Featured artists: Emon, Amina, and Lizzie G.

Field Trip: Cook County Courthouse
Mar 13 all-day

Our students will experience a live criminal trial take place and potentially do a Q&A session with the presiding judge at the Cook County Courthouse. This learning opportunity ties into our Humanities Unsolved Mystery unit because it exposes students to extrapolate evidence by using multiple means of reading and media to determine whether or not the individual is innocent or guilty. It also gives students an opportunity to see what really goes into acquiring critical evidence that makes connections and inferences about a particular sequence of events in timelines that are not readily available. By the end of this unit, students will put on their detective hats and utilize skills such as problem-solving, analyzing evidence, communicating amongst peers, and creating argumentative claims to defend or accuse others. With an interactive experience like this, students will be able to apply all that they have learned in class through a Socratic seminar and criminal analysis essay – just like a lawyer!

Field Trip: University of Notre Dame – The DNA Learning Center
Mar 23 all-day

The DNA Learning Center at Notre Dame is a hands-on science center devoted to modern biology education created to prepare K-12 students to thrive in the gene age. The advanced science education center is the ideal teaching tool built to inspire young students to pursue careers in science and to build a knowledge base that will extend into their educational and post-educational careers. RBA students will participate in the forensic lab where they will serve as forensic experts by solving a fictitious crime using DNA fingerprinting. Students will also have the opportunity to go on a campus tour. 

Field Trip: Overnight Adventure
Apr 1 – Apr 2 all-day
Our students will embark on an overnight adventure learning experience. Adventure learning offers students the opportunity to be outdoors, in nature, and to come together for a common goal. By overcoming obstacles and working against a perceived risk, students learn to trust and depend on one another and, in turn, learn the importance of their own integrity. It is our goal that students move beyond politeness, beyond harsh conflict, and form compassion for one another.
NO SCHOOL: Spring Break
Apr 3 – Apr 10 all-day
NO SCHOOL: Professional Development
May 22 all-day
NO SCHOOL: Memorial Day
May 25 all-day
Last Day of School
Jun 12 all-day

Report cards will be distributed on this day.