Throughout the RBA journey, we have prided ourselves on being not just transparent but also at times being vulnerable.  We’ve brought our thousands of supporters with us along this ride, and you’ve seen the many highs and lows that we’ve experienced while trying to accomplish a feat that many said would be impossible.

In keeping with that tradition of vulnerability, I’ll share with you that I’m writing this email with tears in my eyes.  As many of you know, the RBA vision began long before we opened our doors in September.  The idea first came to me over 11 years ago, and to see how far we have come is mind boggling.  We are so close to becoming a boarding school as soon as possible, which of course is contingent on funding.  In the meantime, to have opened as a day school in September and to be working with RBA’s first class of students is a dream come true.  I still pinch myself that RBA is open and thriving, thanks to your support!

We would be honored for you to consider making an end of year gift to RBA.  We have a new fundraising page which allows you to customize your gift, whether you would like to sponsor a certain item (i.e. a Chromebook, buying healthy lunches for our class, etc), perhaps you would be interested in sponsoring and mentoring a single student, or whether you would like to make a gift in honor of a valued friend, family member, or colleague or in memorial of a loved one.  If you wish to make a gift in tribute of or in memorial of someone special to you, we will send a thank you letter to the individual or to their family on behalf of your donation.

We also now have the ability to accept recurring donations and we would love for you to consider making a donation which can recur either monthly or quarterly.

Thank you so much for your support, and please share this with others in your network who may also wish to give the gift of transforming a child’s life this year.  We couldn’t do this without you.

We look forward to working alongside you in 2019 – happy New Year!

Cheers to you,
Val Groth
RBA Founder & CEO