In naming this post I considered alternative titles such as “The Craziest Start to the School Year of all Time”… but that seemed a bit dramatic 😉  But truly – who would have ever expected that we would be kicking off the 2020-2021 school year in a virtual setting?!?

And yet here we are, with the first week of school behind us. Our students are all set up on their Chromebooks for the year ahead, and we’ve decided to make the most of this strange time in our history but finding opportunities within this unique environment.  Initially, I was disappointed that we couldn’t do first day of school photos with our fabulous photographer, Hillary Johnson, and then I realized – why can’t we still do photos? And so Hillary joined us via Zoom where she adeptly took one on one photos of all our students, plus classroom photos – Brady Bunch style – for good measure. This is such a unique time in our city, country, and world’s history and we will now be able to document this moment.  We will be sharing those photos soon!

In other news, I am beyond excited to share an amazing video that was produced in part by Clorox that features our fabulous Lead Humanities Teacher and Academic Coordinator, Adam Mogilevsky.  Please take a moment to watch this 3 minute video, which showcases the great work that our teachers have been doing to ensure that our students and their families are supported during these unprecedented times.

And in case you just can’t get enough good news about RBA, here’s yet another article featuring Adam that talks about our focus on social justice within the curriculum we’ve been offering during the pandemic.

We look forward to having you alongside us as we embark on what I know will be a terrific school year ahead!

With gratitude,
Val Groth
RBA Founder & CEO