Gemará Williams knows the importance of hard work and perseverance. After all, those
are the traits that helped land him a spot on one of America’s greatest NFL teams and
later, enjoy a lucrative career in Business and Technology.
A former New England Patriot, Gemará spent over 4.5 years playing professional
football and was part of the Patriot’s 18-1 AFC champion and Super Bowl contesting
team. A Detroit, Michigan native, and the middle child of 4, Gemará was the first in his
family to graduate from college, earning his bachelors of science degree from the
University of Buffalo. With a plan to transition from professional sports into the
business world, Gemará seemingly did the impossible – he earned his MBA while
simultaneously playing football. Today, Gemará is a husband and father who now exudes his passion and competitive
spirit in Information Technology as a Client Engagement Executive for RL Canning Inc.
He serves as a solid member of the Chicago Chapter NFLPA, NFL Alumni group and
Chicago’s Speakeasy Men of Excellence. He devotes his time to philanthropy and
motivating children in Chicago to overcome life’s obstacles with two characteristics that
molded him into the man he is today – hard work and perseverance.