Jim Gagnard has over 30 years of executive management experience leading enterprise software companies. He has lead
several companies from early product development to revenue growth and profitability. As a result of his commitment to
software innovation he has worked closely with the venture capital community and strategic investors to raise over $80
million for his companies.

He currently serves as the Managing Director of the Rocket Wagon Industrial IoT Studio. Until March, 2011, Jim was
Chairman and CEO of SmartSignal Corporation which was acquired by GE in January, 2011. The SmartSignal Advanced
Analytics product suite is a key component of the Internet of Things and is used by power generation companies, oil and gas
companies, and other industries to detect, diagnose, predict, and mitigate equipment failure.

Prior to SmartSignal, Jim led several privately-funded software companies including Diffusion, Launchpoint, and Questra. In
addition, he successfully grew Trinzic Corporation as a publicly-traded software company specializing in decision support
and data base connectivity. Jim has created over $480 million of enterprise value for venture capitalists and strategic
investors through successful exit transactions.

Prior to leading entrepreneurial companies in Silicon Valley, Jim held senior management positions with Pansophic Systems,
Control Data, and IBM. He has lived in Brussels, where he served as the General Manager of Control Data’s Remote
Computing Service, and in London, where he served as the Vice President of Pansophic System’s European Operations.
Jim serves on the Board of Directors of Agentis Energy, Vertex Analytics, and A3 Solutions. He also serves as a Venture
Partner of Hyde Park Venture Partners and a Life Trustee of Illinois Institute of Technology. Jim is also a Board Member of
the Mies van der Rohe Society and the Ryan Banks Academy. Until March, 2017 Jim served as the Chairman of the Illinois
Technology Association and is currently a Board Member of the 1871/ITA IoT Council.

Jim holds a BSEE from Illinois Institute of Technology and has completed the course work for an MBA-Finance from San
Francisco State University.