Thank you for joining us in our mission to build Ryan Banks Academy! We are very thankful for your generosity and appreciate any donation you are able to make at this time, no matter how large or small.

Recurring Donations

Did you know that recurring donations are one of the most important parts of a nonprofit?  We would love for you to consider making a recurring gift to Ryan Banks Academy which can be made monthly, quarterly, or annually.  You may...


One Time Donations

Thank you for considering a donation to Ryan Banks Academy. You are making a transformational difference in the lives of our amazing students!


Memorial Gift

A memorial gift is a thoughtful and meaningful testament to the life of a loved one who has passed away. We will send a note to the family of the person you honor (the amount of your donation will not...


Honor / Tribute Gift

You may recognize someone special or commemorate a milestone such as a birthday, wedding, or retirement with a tax-deductible tribute gift. We will send a note to the person you honor, and you are welcome to include a personal message. The...


Sponsor a Student

Ryan Banks Academy is very excited to introduce to you our "Sponsor a Student" program!  As one of our honored Student Sponsors, you will get matched with an individual student whose education at RBA you made possible.  We will invite you...


Social-Emotional Learning

Ryan Banks Academy believes in taking a holistic view of the child and we have developed an innovative social-emotional curriculum, adapted from the Compass Model at Valor Collegiate Academy in Nashville, TN. Many studies suggest that emotional intelligence is a...


STEAM Programming

Ryan Banks Academy plans to be at the cutting edge of focus areas that are often neglected in traditional schools in order to promote discovery to help our students believe that they can do more than they ever thought possible....


LORE (Love Of Reading Everyday) Program

“Reading is important. If you know how to read, then the whole world opens up to you.” - Barack Obama We believe that a love of reading is the best gift that we can give to our students that will empower...


“Genius Day”

Ryan Banks Academy explorations are derived from the concept of 20% Time or Genius Hour. This concept was first developed at Google as a way to accelerate engagement and innovation. The same happens for students at RBA. Once a week, our students...


School Supplies

School supplies are necessary for each one of our students to succeed. Without them, they wouldn't have things to write with or write on! Every dollar from this donation fund within our operational budget goes toward more pencils, workbooks, pens, paper, etc. ...



Technology is a major part of our students' learning. For every donation we get on this page, we can buy a student a new piece of equipment that will help them understand the new generation of emerging technology.  Thank you for...


Field Trips

To prepare our students to compete in the global economy, we will provide Ryan Banks Academy students with experiential learning opportunities. Classes will participate in field trips and cultural excursions (ranging from the Art Institute to seeing Hamilton on Broadway!)...


School Breakfast & Lunch

One of the most important parts of our school is the food program that our students get here at Ryan Banks Academy. Each student receives a breakfast and a hot lunch every day. Many of our students rely on this...


Stock Donations

Ryan Banks Academy is now able to accept appreciated stock donations! Please note that you must notify us ahead of time before you make a stock transfer, as we only have 24 hours to liquidate the stock or else we will not be able to access it.

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The Legacy Circle recognizes those individuals who have made estate plans or established life-income gifts to benefit Ryan Banks Academy.  Membership in the Legacy Circle has no minimum gift level, as each commitment represents a lifetime commitment to RBA – a legacy for future generations. Your future gift provides you the opportunity to support students in pursuit of a Ryan Banks Academy education.

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