March 13, 2020 all-day


Our students will experience a live criminal trial take place and potentially do a Q&A session with the presiding judge at the Cook County Courthouse. This learning opportunity ties into our Humanities Unsolved Mystery unit because it exposes students to extrapolate evidence by using multiple means of reading and media to determine whether or not the individual is innocent or guilty. It also gives students an opportunity to see what really goes into acquiring critical evidence that makes connections and inferences about a particular sequence of events in timelines that are not readily available. By the end of this unit, students will put on their detective hats and utilize skills such as problem-solving, analyzing evidence, communicating amongst peers, and creating argumentative claims to defend or accuse others. With an interactive experience like this, students will be able to apply all that they have learned in class through a Socratic seminar and criminal analysis essay – just like a lawyer!