Dr. Mario Pierce is a transformational leader rooted in the values of respect, inspiration,
integrity, and service. He comes to Ryan Banks Academy with 17 years of experience in
teaching, mentoring, and leading teams in Norfolk, Virginia and Chicago, Illinois.
Additionally, he has taught undergraduate courses as an Adjunct Professor of English
and Communication in multiple colleges, a Young Adult Engagement Coordinator at the
University of Chicago Medicine, a 6-12th grade English and Social Studies teacher, and
an Academic Director. Throughout his career, he has used data driven instruction to
develop classroom effectiveness and to provide a new way of approaching challenging
text. His experiences as an educator and community mobilizer inform his interest in
refining literacy skills, while addressing societal and global concerns. Dr. Pierce is
devoted to providing learning experiences that will allow students and staff the
realization of their fullest potential, which will empower them to problem-solve and
become ethical decision-makers.

Dr. Pierce earned a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Master of Arts in Speech
Communication, and a Doctor of Education Degree in Educational Leadership. His
dissertation surveyed College Men of Color focusing on Student Achievement, Campus
Involvement, and Mentor Retention.